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  Sound Attenuator
ARSA has been developed to meet today's high requirements for sound attenuation and is especially suitable for use

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  Acoustic Louver
Louvers shall be Aircoustics model AAL-2035 with 18-20 gauge (1.2-0.9 mm) wall thickness, blades shall be

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  Variable Air Volume
The Aircoustics Model ABV by-pass unit, provides pressure dependent variable air volume to individual zones while by-


  Floating Floor System
Two masses separated by a low frequency response isolator create the environment for noise and impact reduction many



Variable Air Volume

The Aircoustics Model ABV by-pass unit, provides pressure dependent variable air volume to individual zones while by-passing the unneeded air to the ceiling plenum for re-circulation. Although zone air volumes in small buildings may vary greatly, the cost of fan controls many times cannot be justified. Zone variable air volumes are realized with the by-pass unit while the supply fan delivers a constant CFM.

The ABV can be ordered for reverse or direct acting electric thermostats. Zone thermostats directly control the by-pass damper assuring that only the air that is needed is delivered to the zone. Downstream duct work pressure losses can be matched by adjusting an integral by-pass balancing damper.
  • Air-flow capacities from full shut-off to zone to 3,200 CFM.
  • Pneumatic, electric or manual damper control.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Low sound levels.
  • Low leakage damper design.
  • Thermally and acoustically insulated casing.
  • Open-end discharge provided with slip and drive connection for easy installation.
  • Optional multi-discharge adapters have round outlet connections with integral balancing dampers.
  • Balancing damper in by-pass is standard.
  • Optional hanger brackets.
  • Optional controls enclosure for electric controls.
  • Optional internal foil coated insulation (Hospitals, Laboratories, Schools, etc., applications).
Discharge NC levels are based on -
  • 5 foot rectangular 12” x 12” duct lined with 1” sound liner.
  • Rectangular tee attenuation entering branch duct.
  • 6 foot lined flex duct (8” diameter).
  • Maximum of 300 CFM per outlet.
  • Space effect factor ft3) at 5 feet from outlet.
  • End reflection.
  • Environmental adjustment factor.
Radiated NC levels are based on -
  • Plenum/ceiling effect - 5/8” mineral fiber tile, 35 lb./ft3 - 3 foot plenum
  • Space effect factor (5000 ft3) at 10 feet from source.
  • Environmental adjustment factor.


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