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  Sound Attenuator
ARSA has been developed to meet today's high requirements for sound attenuation and is especially suitable for use

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  Acoustic Louver
Louvers shall be Aircoustics model AAL-2035 with 18-20 gauge (1.2-0.9 mm) wall thickness, blades shall be

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  Variable Air Volume
The Aircoustics Model ABV by-pass unit, provides pressure dependent variable air volume to individual zones while by-


  Floating Floor System
Two masses separated by a low frequency response isolator create the environment for noise and impact reduction many



Architectural Acoustics Issues

Sound Isolation
Floated Floor Special attention to sound quality and isolation is necessary for numerous reasons within a mixeduse/multi-family residential project. Residential living requires sound isolation between units and from the corridors. Common spaces such as lobbies, community rooms, meeting spaces, ballrooms, and exercise rooms should be addressed with specific wall types capable of handling low-frequency noise. In many designs, mechanical equipment is located in ezzanine spaces and over central corridors, or in spaces adjacent to residences. For these conditions it is important to develop specific wall and floor/ceiling types for adequate sound isolation. Details on ducting penetrations, light fixtures, and electrical junction boxes must be included. Our recommendations are provided as CAD details, plan notes, and project specifications to support our design.


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