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  Sound Attenuator
ARSA has been developed to meet today's high requirements for sound attenuation and is especially suitable for use

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  Acoustic Louver
Louvers shall be Aircoustics model AAL-2035 with 18-20 gauge (1.2-0.9 mm) wall thickness, blades shall be

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  Variable Air Volume
The Aircoustics Model ABV by-pass unit, provides pressure dependent variable air volume to individual zones while by-


  Floating Floor System
Two masses separated by a low frequency response isolator create the environment for noise and impact reduction many



HVAC Noise Vibration Control

Sound Isolation
Rooftop equipment vibration can generate noise through the structure that can be louder than the radiated noise from the fan. Our evaluation includes specifications, details, and drawing notes to prevent vibration from becoming intrusive noise.

Standards developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) provide acceptable noise levels as Noise Criterion (NC) curves. These standards allow values to be established as design criteria for mechanical noise within your project.
The evaluation of noise from these systems is applicable to residential living and common areas of hotel, healthcare, retail, educational, and office spaces where listening is a component of the environment. We commonly find issues with radiated noise and vibration from rooftop and mezzanine mechanical equipment located near sensitive areas and make recommendations to the Architect and Mechanical Engineer to be included with their drawings, specifications, and notes. During construction we complete a detailed inspection of noise control elements on HVAC equipment. The use of VAV boxes and terminal units above classrooms is one method we have been successful using modest mitigation measures to achieve acceptable noise levels. These changes normally have minimal impact on the system cost.


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