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  Sound Attenuator
ARSA has been developed to meet today's high requirements for sound attenuation and is especially suitable for use

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  Acoustic Louver
Louvers shall be Aircoustics model AAL-2035 with 18-20 gauge (1.2-0.9 mm) wall thickness, blades shall be

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  Variable Air Volume
The Aircoustics Model ABV by-pass unit, provides pressure dependent variable air volume to individual zones while by-


  Floating Floor System
Two masses separated by a low frequency response isolator create the environment for noise and impact reduction many



Environmental Noise Evaluations

Environmental noise can impact restaurants, ffices and the peace and quiet of residential and guest living. Standards have been established by the Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Noise Abatement

In addition, WAC 246-366-110 limits noise from any source at a school to an hourly average of 55 dBA or a maximum of 75 dBA during the time school is in session. Within classrooms, noise levels cannot exceed 45 dBA for periods longer than 30 seconds. An environmental noise control evaluation involves placing monitors at the site, and developing a source-path-receiver model to predict interior noise levels. Recommendations are then provided, when necessary, to improve the windows and walls to achieve the design criteria.
Typical Evaluation
Evaluations are completed by stationing monitors at critical site locations where traffic from cars, buses, and planes can best be evaluated for their impact to the site. These monitors are typically hidden and secured to a tree or building and left for a period of 2 to 4 days. Data collected by monitors include the average noise level for each hour and for a 24- hour period. In addition, events that exceed programmed limits are documented for the duration, time-of-day, sound level, and highest sound level.

The colleted data can then be used in programming models to predict noise levels in exterior and interior environments.


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